Staff Duties 2017-2018

Staff Duties 2017-2018




Ms. L. Lo


Vice Principals

(Academic and Staff Affairs)


Mr. K.H. Tam

(Student Support and Partnership)


Mr. L. Yeung


Assistant Principals

(Academic Development)

(Student Support and School Ethos)


Ms. R. Sit

Mr. D. Chung


Student Affairs Mistress


Ms. W. Chiu

Head Teacher for Secondary 6


Mr. K.H. Tam

Head Teacher for Secondary 4 – 5


Mr. L. Yeung

Head Teacher for Secondary 1 – 3


Ms. W. Chiu

Assistant Head Teacher (S3)


Ms. Q. Law

Assistant Head Teacher (S2)


Ms. T.Y. Lam

Assistant Head Teacher (S1)


Ms. D. Chong


KLA Department Coordinators



Ms. P.H.Yung, Ms.Y.L. Ku (Deputy Panel Head)



Ms. R. Sit, Ms. J. Chung (Deputy Panel Head)



Mr. P.M. Ho, Ms. Q. Law (Deputy Panel Head)

Liberal Studies


Ms. S. Leung, Ms. P.Y. To (Deputy Panel Head)

Science Education


Ms. S.S. Wu

Personal, Social and Humanities Education


Mr. R. Wong

Physical Education


Mr. W.Y. Yau

Technology Education


Mr. V. Suen

Arts Education


Ms. C. Chan


Panel Heads



Ms. B. Ling



Mr. R. Lo



Ms. S.S. Wu

Chinese History


Ms. Y.L. Ku

Computer Literacy / ICT


Mr. V. Suen

Economics / Business & Finance / Life & Society


Mr. R. Wong



Mr. T. Lau



Ms. W.M. Lau

Integrated Science


Mr. T.K. Chau



Ms. C. Chan



Mr. T. Li

Religious Studies


Ms. C.S. Sin, Mr. E. Tang (Deputy Panel Head)

Visual Arts


Ms. E. Ko


Careers Team

Ms. D. Wong (Career Mistress), Ms. M.C. Chan (Deputy Career Mistress), Ms. B. Ling, Mr. A. Lau, Mr. A. Wu, Ms. D. O, Ms. V. Mai, Mr. S.C. Tam


Crisis Management Team

Mr. D. Chung(Convenor), Ms. L. Lo (Adviser), Mr. K.H. Tam, Mr. L. Yeung, Ms. R. Sit, Mr. S.K. Wong, Ms. S.S. Wu, Ms. A. Law


Discipline Team

Mr. S.K. Wong (Discipline Master), Mr. T.K. Tong (Deputy Discipline Master), Ms. C.Y. Chan (Assistant Discipline Mistress), Ms. Q. Law, Ms. W.M. Lau, Ms. Y.K. Ng, Mr. W.Y. Yau,

Mr. T.K. Chau, Mr. T. Lau, Mr. P.K. Yip, Mr. M.Y.D. Wong, Mr. T.Y. Wong       


Extra-Curricular Activities Team

Mr. L. Yeung (ECA Master), Ms. Y.K. Ng (Assistant ECA Mistress), Mr. H. Wong (Assistant ECA Master), Mr. R. Lo, Mr. W.Y. Yau, Ms. C. Chan, Ms. E. Ko, Mr. Y.T. Leung, Ms. P.Y. To


Financial & Asset Management Team

Ms. L. Lo (Convenor), Mr. S.K. Wong, Ms. B. Ling, Mr. R. Lo, Ms. F. Shum, Ms. C. Wong


General Affairs Team

Mr. S.K. Wong (General Affairs Master), Ms. A. Law (Deputy General Affairs Mistress), Mr. L. Yeung (Adviser), Mr. T. Lau, Mr. P.K. Yip, Mr. P.M. Ho, Mr. K.K. Leung


Guidance Team

Mr. D. Chung (Guidance Master), Mr. C.Y. Lo (Deputy Guidance Master), Ms. K.Y. Liu, Ms. S. Leung, Ms. S.Y. Wong, Ms. T.Y. Lam, Mr. A. Wu, Ms. T. Hui, Ms. K. Ho


Information Technology Team

Mr. V. Suen (Convenor), Mr. K.H. Tam (Adviser), Mr. P.M. Ho, Mr. R. Lo, Mr. T.Y. Wong


Language Across the Curriculum Team

Ms. R. Sit (Convenor), Ms L. Fruean, Mr. T.K. Chau, Ms. S.S. Wu, Mr. A. Lau, Mr. M.Y.D. Wong, Mr. T.Y. Wong


Life Planning Education Team

Mr. L. Yeung (Convenor), Mr. D. Chung, Ms .W. Chiu, Mr. S. K. Wong, Ms. D. Wong, Ms. C.S. Sin


Moral & Civic Education Team

Ms. W. Chiu (MCE Mistress), Ms. M.C. Chan, Ms. C.S. Sin, Mr. E. Tang, Ms. C. Siu, Mr. T.H. Yeung,

Ms. T.N. Kwok


Prefect Body

Mr. L. Yeung (Chief Adviser), Mr. S.K. Wong, Ms. W. Chiu, Mr. T.K. Tong, Mr. H. Wong


Purchase and Tendering Team

Mr. D. Chung (Convenor), Mr. T. Lau, Mr. S.K. Wong, Mr. P.K. Yip, Ms. F. Shum, Ms. C. Wong


Reading Team

Ms. R. Sit (Convenor), Ms. Y.L. Ku (DEAR Programme), Ms. J. Chung (English),

Ms. D. Chong (Chinese), Ms. L.S. Lee (Librarian)


Religious Affairs Team

Ms. C.S. Sin (Convenor), Mr. E. Tang, Ms. C.Y. Chan, Ms. D. Wong, Ms. C. Siu, Mr. Y.S. Luk


Staff Development Team

Mr. A. Lau (Convenor), Mr. T. Li (Assistant Convenor), Mr. K.H. Tam (Adviser), Mr. R. Wong,

Mr. V. Suen, Ms. S.Y. Wong, Ms. C.S. Sin, Ms. P. Y. To, Mr. M.Y. Wong


School Improvement Team

Ms. A. Law (Convenor), Mr. R. Wong, Mr. R. Lo, Mr. A. Lau, Ms. C. S. Sin

Advisors: Ms. L. Lo, Mr. K.H. Tam, Mr. L. Yeung, Ms. R. Sit, Mr. D. Chung


Service Monitoring Team

Mr. D. Chung (Convenor), Mr. L. Yeung (Adviser), Ms. W. Chiu (School Uniform & Student Medical Examination) Ms. D. Chong (Tuck Shop), Ms. T.Y. Lam (Lunchbox), Parent Representatives


School Promotion Team

Mr. L. Yeung (Convenor), Ms. A. Law, Mr. H. Wong, Ms. J. Chung, Ms. T. Hui, Mr. T.H. Yeung,

Ms. Y.L. Liao, Mr. C.H. Wong



Mr. K.H. Tam (Convenor), Ms. S.S. Wu, Mr. T. Li, Mr. V. Suen, Mr. T.K.Chau, Mr. M.Y.D. Wong, Mr. T. Y. Wong


Student Union

Mr. K. H. Tam (Chief Adviser), Mr. H. Wong, Mr. T.Y. Wong


Test and Examination Team

Ms. R. Sit (Convenor), Mr. K.H. Tam (Adviser), Mr. R. Lo, Mr. T. Li, Ms. S.S. Wu, Ms. D. Chong, Mr. T.K. Chau


Data Analysis and WEBSAMS Team

Mr. R. Lo (Convenor), Mr. K.H. Tam (Adviser), Mr. T. Li, Mr. H. Wong