Outstanding Performance in Science/STEM Competitions

Date: 12/01/2020

Here are some of the achievements of our students in science/STEM competitions during the first half of the school year.

 International Junior Science Olympiad 2019

 Cheng Yat Long (left 3): one of the representatives of Hong Kong and obtained the Gold Award.



Silver Award awardees: Ng Justin Ming Yin (left 3), Chau Yik Kan Michael (left 4)



青少年科技實踐活動三等獎: 林翰然, 吳銘彥, 黃璟霖 (左 2 - 4)


International Biology Olympiad - Hong Kong Contest 2019

Gold Award:  Cheng Yat Long (left 5)



YMHK 全港學界機械人相撲賽 2019-2020

冠軍: 談澤君 (左) 、吳俊熹 (右)


季軍: 黃慕天 (左)、何賢傑  (右)    其他隊員: 李卓然